Trend Watch: Designing a home in 2017

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It could be said that 2016 was a great year for interior design. It was a year long celebration of style as neutral colours took prominence in design and open floor layouts became more popular dissolving the borders between the living room, dining area and kitchen while the kitchens themselves featured cabinets with mismatched designs. So, what does the future hold for us this year?

Let’s take a look at the emerging interior and home design trends in 2017.

Go Green

If you’re looking for colour inspiration, Pantone’s Colour of the Year is a safe bet. The Pantone Color Institute has announced their choice for 2017 and it is Greenery.


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The colour represents refreshment, rejuvenation and rebirth, which is perfect for a new home design for the new year.

Industrial Lamps

Accessorize your home with quirky choices for lighting to add character. In addition to lighting up your home, industrial lamps also become part of the decor.


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Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is an emerging trend in kitchen cabinet design this year. Monochromatic colour blocking adds elegance to the kitchen cabinets and is timeless enough to not go out of style anytime soon.


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The Ebony, Ivy and Azure ranges of modular kitchens from Atom Interiors feature themes and styles, including colour blocking, for your custom designed kitchens.

Intelligent by Design

Will 2017 be the year of the Smart Home? As the world has moved on to using smartphones, it’s only a matter of time before Smart Homes become equally popular and commonplace.

Smart home technology can seamlessly blend into the decor of your home, without major changes to the design and construction.


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Artisanal Comeback

It appears that the DIY (do it yourself) trend of 2016 is slowly giving way to artisanal designs. Craftsmanship is taking prominence yet again with artisanal furniture becoming popular again.


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Solar Sustainability

With increased awareness about the damage caused by urban lifestyles to the environment, there is a growing demand for sustainable living. Going solar can generate extra power, reduce costs and save the environment.


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Are you ready to give your home a new look this year?



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