Atom Design Files: Introducing the Bespoke Wardrobe


Previously, we covered the different features that work together to define the perfect wardrobe: Functionality, Aesthetics and Workmanship.

Like your clothes that are tailor-made for you, your wardrobe should also reflect your personality. This month, we’re exploring the Ivy range of bespoke wardrobes from Atom Interiors, with its wide variety of themes and styles for customization.

Based on your storage space requirements, home décor and, most importantly, your personality, you can choose the type and theme of the wardrobe that’s the perfect fit for you and your home.

Movable Wardrobes

Also known as free standing wardrobes, this is the most popular type of wardrobe around. It allows for you to play and explore with the space available and try different ways in which to position furniture and decor items in your room.

If you’re a nomad who loves shifting base frequently, the movable wardrobe can be your constant companion.


Modular Wardrobes

Unlike the movable wardrobe, the modular wardrobe is designed to save on floor space by using sliding doors instead of doors that open outwards.  The wardrobe can be built from floor to ceiling for extra storage space.

Design your wardrobe with a range of finishes from Natural Wood to Polyester and Veneer to match the décor of your home.


Built-in Wardrobe

Also known as a wall mounted wardrobe, it forms an integral part of the layout of the room. The wardrobe can be aesthetically designed to enhance the decor of the home and save space too.


With the Ivy range of wardrobes from Atom Interiors, you can customize the design based on your preferences. The wardrobe unit can even double as an entertainment unit to display your television.

If you love thinking out of the box, customizing wall-mounted wardrobes is the way to go.

Corner Wardrobes

Also known as the L-shaped wardrobe, it can be designed to fit into the corners of the bedroom, which is usually an underutilized space.

If you’re an artist who loves adding a quirky touch to your home, a creatively designed corner wardrobe can be your next masterpiece.


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Walk-in Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe adds a layer of luxury and sophistication to your home decor.

If you have extra space or an extra room, design a walk-in wardrobe to organize and display your clothes.

If you’re a shopaholic and a fashionista, the walk-in wardrobe can be your happy place.


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With different themes and styles, the Ivy range of bespoke wardrobes from Atom Interiors can be customized to be a perfect fit for your home. Give us a call.





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