Hosting the perfect Christmas and New Year party



The festive season is upon us. It’s that time of the year when you invite your friends and family over to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

If you have moved into a new house or renovated recently, here are a few tips on hosting a party that becomes a memorable occasion for you and your guests.

Tree of Life

The first step will be to establish a Christmas theme for your party. Begin by setting up the Christmas tree in the living room. An artistically decorated Christmas tree adds life to the room instantly.

pre-lit-led-christmas-tree-Living-Room-Traditional-with-area-rug-brown-leather-built-in-book-cases-built-in-bookcases-Hemlock-Truss.jpgPicture credit:

If your living room furniture is arranged to focus on a statement piece like a coffee table or the entertainment unit with the television, rearrange the furniture to put the focus on the Christmas tree, to make it a topic of conversation.

Set the Tune

With the focus now on the Christmas tree, the entertainment unit can be used for its primary purpose. Equip your music system with the latest music to turn it into a DJ station.


Picture credit:

Your musically inclined guests can take command of the station and keep the music going till the party ends.

The Playground

Your young guests will need entertainment of their own. Set up a kid’s table with books and toys to keep them occupied.


Picture credit:

The older children would prefer a television and music system which can be set up in one of the bedrooms.

What’s your Poison?

To cater to your older guests, set up a self-serve cocktail bar at your bar unit, which can be stationed in the living room or the dining room.


Picture credit:

Stock up on the alcoholic beverages and offer your guests the chance to mix their own drinks.

Dinner is Served

Use the table in your dining room as a buffet table where your guests can serve themselves. Clear up space in the dining room for walking space by moving the chairs to other parts of the house.


Picture credit:

Use the console units as additional tables to hold appetizers and soups.

Kitchen Conversations

And finally, open up your kitchen to your guests where more food can be placed and served. For food that will continue to be prepared as the party goes on, keep your ovens and stoves accessible and ready to be used.


Picture credit:

An open kitchen offers more space for socialising outside of the living and dining rooms.

 Find out more about console units, entertainment units and modular kitchens from Atom Interiors. Give us a call.




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