Is your house ready for the holiday season?


Once again, it’s that time of the year when you get ready to open your house up to friends and family, entertaining, throwing parties and celebrating the festive season. From dinners to stay overs, your house should be ready to host your loved ones.

Let’s take a look at how you can prepare your home for the holiday season.

Liven up the living room

Since the living room will be the space where most of your guests will spend their time, bring in more furniture for extra seating.  Avoid large furniture though as they can take up a lot of space. Go for smaller, ergonomic pieces of furniture that can make the living room appear larger and spacious and add to the aesthetic appeal of the living room.

Plan the layout of your living room to create walkways and open spaces around your furniture so your guests can sit and move around easily. Keep the number of tables in the living room to a minimum as they can block walkways and the open spaces.


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Invest in a good entertainment unit since it plays an important role during the holiday season. If you have children staying over, make sure the entertainment unit is well equipped with a good television, gaming systems like the Playstation and Xbox, a sound system and a collection of the latest movies and music.


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If you’re planning to host dinner parties, a bar unit can be quite useful in the storage and preparation of alcoholic beverages. Bar units add a touch of class to your parties and let you and your guests prepare drinks and cocktails and have conversations around them.


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Freshen up the bedroom

If you have guests staying over, prepare the guest bedroom for an enjoyable stay. Bring in fresh pillows and bed sheets to give a welcoming touch to the bedroom. Add a personal touch by keeping a small selection of books based on your guests’ tastes.  Also, add an alarm clock, a night lamp and toiletries.

In addition to the bed, chairs can be placed in the bedroom for your guests to spend their day in.


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For more storage, wardrobe units can serve as a place for your guests’ clothes. Maximise the storage space in the guest bedroom by using lofts for keeping luggage and drawers under the bed where your guests can store their belongings.


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Stock up the kitchen

Prepare for the holiday season with a well-stocked kitchen. If you’re having family staying over, organize the ingredients and utensils in your kitchen to make it easier for them to help with the cooking or even cook something for themselves when you’re not around.


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For the extra food and supplies, add storage space with kitchen cabinets and drawers.


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If you like to entertain your guests in the kitchen, especially children, convert your kitchen island into a seating space with extra stools and chairs. Create a child and pet friendly atmosphere in the kitchen by keeping the utensils and appliances in their allocated places.


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Get your house ready for the holiday season with bar units, entertainment units, wardrobe units and themed kitchens from Atom Interiors. Give us a call.



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