Atom Design Files: Defining the Perfect Wardrobe

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What should you look for when buying or designing a wardrobe for your home?

There are three features that define a wardrobe: Functionality, Aesthetics and Workmanship. The perfect wardrobe performs its primary function of storage, enhances the beauty of your home and has a long, maintenance-free life.

Let’s take a look at how the three features work together in the Ebony range of wardrobes from Atom Interiors.

The Interior

The interiors of the wardrobe should be designed to maximize storage space.

Using drawers, you can organize your clothes more efficiently. And drawer dividers can be used to arrange different kinds of clothing by type, colour, etc.

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A rack, either pull-down or pull-out, can be used to organize your trousers, saving space and improving accessibility.

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An efficiently designed wardrobe can also be used to keep your shoes, eliminating the need for a separate shoe rack. With pull-out drawers, you get more space to store the footwear.

contemporary-closet-1.jpg                                                     Picture credit:

 The Exterior

Along with the primary function of storage, the wardrobe also contributes to the decor of the home. It quite frequently takes centre stage as the signature piece of the room.

For an aesthetic look, try a two-tone finish for the doors and body of the wardrobe.

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To add a splash of colour to your room, go for a colour block design for your wardrobe.

Atom blog ebonyai-13.png


In addition to the two features, the workmanship determines the longevity of the wardrobe. The handles and hinges have to be of impeccable quality to ensure a user-friendly design.

Handles, in particular, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wardrobe. Ornate designs can be distracting, so choose a simple, minimal design for the handle. On the other hand, recessed handles are unobtrusive by fitting into the design of the door.

Atom blog ebonyai-12.png

The workmanship of a wardrobe can also be seen in the finish. The doors and body of the wardrobe can be made from MDF panels with a laminate finish. The range of finishes includes glossy, matte and textured options.

SHER-17-3-DOOR-3-DRAWER-CLOSE-UP-W31.jpgPicture credit:

To ensure a long life for your wardrobe, the skirting of the wardrobe is essential. Often ignored, the bottom of the wardrobe is exposed to damage by wear and tear and stains. A good skirting, preferably in aluminium, helps the wardrobe last longer with almost zero maintenance.

wardrobe-doors-plinth.jpgPicture credit:

Ebony wardrobes can be customized to your preferences with a harmony of these three qualities by focussing on its value for worth, resilience and dependability.

Try the Ebony range of wardrobes. Give us a call.



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