Maximize style (and storage) with furniture

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Furniture design is an art and a science combining a focus on aesthetic and function. But instead of going through the motions of picking furniture for our homes, just because we know we need it…why not rethink the obvious? Sure, we may need an entertainment unit for the television set, but do we really need the bookshelf/curios shelf too? Or would that beautifully designed minimal entertainment unit have the space to house your prized shell collection?

And there’s a whole bunch of other functional factors to consider too. Efficient usage of floor space. Ergonomic design. Let’s take a look at how different types of furniture achieve a balance of aesthetic and function.

Entertainment Unit

Entertainment Unit 1.jpg


Look for an Entertainment Unit that displays the television prominently with adequate space and wiring for associated devices like a Blu-Ray player and, for gamers, Playstations and XBoxes. For readers, it can even hold your favourite books.


Look for units that are designed to focus your attention on the television instead of distracting from it. With a natural wood finish, the entertainment unit looks elegant and yet does not draw too much attention to itself.


Bookshelf 3.jpg


While there are many bookshelves that look great and can surely enough house your books, look for the accessibility along with the functionality of space. The bookshelf can also feature space to display paintings or sculptures along with your books, to express your tastes in both literature and art.


Books are great conversation starters and the living room can be a great space to place it in. Look for designs that are inviting and showcase your books well. An open design helps in housing books of different shapes and sizes. Minimalistic structures also help reduce the feeling of clutter in the room.

Bar Cabinet

Bar unit 1.jpg


While it’s primarily a functional space with storage for bottles, glasses and decanters, a counter that’s easy to pour and mix drinks on can suit your bartending style when you’re serving as a bartender at your own parties.


As alcohol preferences differ, it can be an extension of your personality. A dark wood look and an elegant frame design can add class and finesse to your bar cabinet.

Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack 2.png


A wall-mounted shoe rack saves floor space and keeps the footwear out of sight. The shoe rack can be pulled down to place the footwear. The shoe rack is mounted at the right height for accessibility.


While most shoe racks or shoe cabinets are extremely functional in nature, there’s no reason why it cannot be aesthetically designed. Traditional shoe racks are placed on the floor, close to the door, but shoe racks can also be designed to efficiently use floor space by being mounted on the wall.

Study Table

Study Table 3.jpg


The storage space in your desk can be designed along with the other furniture in the room to serve multiple purposes. For example, it can double up as a night table for the bed in the bedroom. In this way, spaces in the room that are usually wasted can be used for extra storage.


Look for a clutter free, minimal study table which is essential to stay free of distractions. With concealed handles and a wood finish that matches the walls and floor, the study table seamlessly fits in to the overall design of the room.

Pooja Unit



Look for pooja units that feature a prominent display space for the deities and also serve a functional purpose to store the necessities for rituals like camphor, incense sticks, etc.


Pooja units can be aesthetically designed in accordance with cultural traditions and the theme of the overall design of the house. The design can be immersive to draw you in, while you settle into a sense of calm and tranquillity for a spiritual experience.

Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers 1.jpg


A chest of drawers serves the purpose of storage and can be used for efficient organization. With different drawers and the compartments within, you can segregate the items that need to be stored inside.


A chest of drawers instantly adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. It can give a stately look to your living room with a charming old-world finish.
Choose colours or a natural wood texture to define the look of the chest of drawers. Blend that with a metal look with handles and support and the chest of drawers instantly stands out as a statement piece in your living room.

With a balance of function and style, the Atom range of fixed furniture enhances your home. Give us a call.

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