Atom Design Files: Introducing the Social Kitchen

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The 21st century kitchen looks very different from the kitchens of the 20th century.

This is because the very idea of a kitchen has undergone a radical transformation. It is no longer a space to just cook and store food. The kitchen has become a social space, where family and friends get together.

At Atom, we believe that the kitchen should reflect one’s personality and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how our Ivy range of kitchens can be designed to reflect those qualities and also enhance them.

Free the kitchen

If you love having people over, the first step is to open up your kitchen. In the past, kitchens were isolated spaces in separate rooms. However, kitchens are now designed to be an integral part of the home with no walls between the living areas and the kitchen.

With open floor plans, the Ivy kitchen seamlessly blends in with the other areas of the home, creating the perfect ambience to entertain your guests.

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Make the kitchen family-friendly


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On the other hand, if you like having your family around in the kitchen, you need a more intimate ambience. A kitchen island or a large dining table in your kitchen can seat your entire family.

With the Ivy kitchen, cooking can become a social activity with others joining in. It’s easier to encourage your children to take up cooking if they already love spending time in it.

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Modernize the kitchen

If entertaining friends or family is not your forte and you prefer your own company, cooking need not be a boring, monotonous activity. Bring in your TV, computer, tablet or phone for entertainment.


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Watch television or listen to music while you cook in an entertainment-friendly kitchen. Make place for your favourite gadgets while you design your kitchen.

Personalize the kitchen

As an integral part of your home where you entertain your guests or just be yourself, the kitchen should also showcase your personality. Express your tastes in art and culture while doing up the interiors. Paintings, sculptures and posters can add character to your kitchen.


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The decor of the Ivy kitchen can be personalized to match your aesthetic sense. Choose between different looks like the high gloss, wooden texture or satin. Or pick a customized finish that quite simply defines you.

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Try out the Ivy range of premium kitchens from Atom Interiors. Give us a call.