Atom Design Files: Customizing Kitchens


A kitchen is usually seen as a functional space in a home but it should ideally be comparable to an artist’s studio. Cooking is an art and an artist needs a space to work his or her magic.

At Atom, we believe the kitchen is a personal space that is in sync with the artistic process of the cook. Let’s take a look at how our Ebony range of kitchens can be customized to enhance creativity and efficiency.

Organize your tools of the trade

Use angled drawer dividers to keep your most used cooking implements close at hand. It helps in increasing efficiency.


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Use dowel rods to keep the cooking implements in reach for easy access.


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Along with the cooking implements organized in drawers and on dowel rods, the Ebony kitchen provides additional storage space with a tall unit fitted into the corner.

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Classify your condiments

Design a drawer to keep your condiments neatly labelled and organized.


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For even easier access, set up a spice rack under the cabinet.


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House your appliances

Appliances can take up a lot of place on your kitchen counters, affecting your cooking process. Keep them out of the way by housing them inside cabinets and take them out only when needed.


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With cabinets to hold both utensils and appliances, nothing is ever out of place in the Ebony kitchen.

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Set up kitchen stations

Keep similar appliances and utensils together. A kitchen station for your morning coffee would have the coffee machine, mugs, ingredients etc., all within easy reach.


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Store your vegetables

Reinvent drawers to make them storage space for vegetables. Keep your most used vegetables handy for more efficient cooking.


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The dwarf unit in the Ebony kitchen holds ample space for multiple vegetable drawers.

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So, what is your favourite method of organizing the kitchen?

For a perfect balance of aesthetics and modular, try out the Ebony range of kitchen designs from Atom Interiors. Give us a call.



What you’ll need when doing up your home.


When doing up your home, you’re faced with a host of choices to make your space truly your own. To have your home reflect your personality and your needs. To have your home become an extension of yourself.

But you are also faced with a series of obstructions that are bound to come up. Here are a few things you can use to deal with them:

  1. A Giant Swatch Bookfeeling-craftyKeep a notebook/folder/binder and stationery kit on the ready. With perhaps a camera to track improvements through stages. Save all your favourite swatches and file them ceaselessly. Take notes copiously. This is going to be your bible for the next few months.
  2. Measuring TapeseparatedbyacommonlanguageYes. The carpenter does own one. Nope. You can’t depend on just the one.While working with the unorganized sector, you may end up finding that a shelf is not quite at the right angle it has to be. Or that the cabinet that you wanted below the window seems closer to the floor instead. While you don’t want to be a micromanager (this won’t get you anywhere with your carpenter), be hands on with your project and ensure all measurements are noted right.
  3. TimedevelopgoodhabitsRome was not built in a day. Neither was home!Of course it would be great to move in within a couple of months (and it is possible! Refer: However, keep in mind that you’re likely not the vendors’ only clients, and that they’ll likely need their personal days and festive holidays off too. More importantly there’s more to putting together a kitchen than what meets the eye…and that needs time.
  4. A budgetfunnyasduckAnd we don’t mean big budget. We mean a realistic budget. Knowing what you can afford may not seem like the tough part, but knowing what your possibilities are certainly requires attention. You may not be able to afford the moon, but you could possibly afford that gorgeous moon-sheen countertop. Keep a realistic budget-split in mind before you start spending. This will keep you from running out of money on your first purchases, and skimping later.
  5. Access to a Yoga ClassquotestagramWhile it’s a fun job, it’s also a stressful job, with unforeseen obstacles. So plan and follow-up by all means. But also, take time to breathe.So follow these measures to keep your home furnishing process (and your stress levels) in check.Or, meet with us at Atom Interiors, a place where your swatch book is pre-organized by Atom, where the measuring tape is handled by professionals, where time is equated with money, and choices are aplenty. Call us at: 94814 94815 or 95133 27308
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